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Changing Lives for Better Living

Wellsprings of Joy Foundation is a Non- Governmental organization which was formed in January 2023. It’s objective is to strengthen systems and approaches that lead to increased awareness and actions against Alcohol, Drug Abuse and constant addiction, it’s health and social impact among the youth and their communities.

Since it’s formation, the Foundation has done programs in Gitaru area to counsel and teach the affected youths on ways of making money and not rely on handouts. To achieve this, the foundation works in conjunction with government entities and other churches in the area.

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Joining hands with Wellsprings of Joy Foundation means more than just a donation or partnership—it’s a commitment to creating a world where kindness, empathy, and positivity thrive. Let’s together shape a brighter future for those who need it most.


Our optimistic management

Bishop John Kahihu

He is a minister of the gospel with dynamic and strong leadership skills….

Ruth Njambi

She is an entrepreneur with a diploma in IT from Jomo Kenyatta University….

Boniface Khadolwa

Holds bachelor of commerce in Finance from the university of Nairobi School of Business, and is a certified public accountants of Kenya….

Mercylyne juma

She works with the Navigators at the Africa Regional office as Finance, HR and administration assistant….

Nancy Muchiri

She is experienced in working with Civil Society Organizations in Europe….

Alice Njuguna

She is currently working as a Human Resource Officer- Organizational Development at INGO. Started working as a HR Officer in a local NGO National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE). 

Alison Scott Founder

I'm proud to support an Organization that truly makes a difference. Seeing the impact of my donations gives me hope for the environment's future.

William Wright Founder

This Organization dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with my values. I'm impressed by the transparency and accountability of this organization.

Alison Doe Jenny Smith

Donating to this Organization feels like an investment in a better world for future generations. Their passion and commitment to environmental causes are truly inspiring. I trust that my contributions are used effectively to protect our planet."


What our happy donors say !!

Our ENGO’s happy donors are thrilled with the impactful change we bring to communities. They see their contributions as investments in a brighter future, witnessing firsthand the incredible transformations we achieve. These dedicated donors are grateful to be part of our mission and believe in the power of collective giving to create positive outcomes.